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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Perfect Ending to My Day

Nothing really makes my day, except when I finally get home from work to my sweetie and then the dogs. It looks like Fox will be with us another day, so the craziness can continue. Tonight will be low key and quiet (well, except for the dogs) and I'll finally get to catch up on some blog reading, crafting, and maybe some other stuff that needs to be done. I was trying to talk Zach into a trip to Doumars for an ice cream cone, but he reminded me that I already instituted a no-spending day. Stupid rules. Oh well, I figured if I can set the rule, I can take it back, but not today I guess.




I was excited to get dressed in this dress again. It's such a subtle print, but I swear to you it is there. And I mixed patterns again with my striped cardigan for some added warmth, and then belted it with a yellow snake skin belt. Yellow is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors. I have it one my nails too! I get a few comments about my nails (from employees) at work but I don't really care much. As one customer said, "it's not like your wearing a nose piercing or dying your hair yellow." Thanks customer for sticking up for me! I told him I leave the piercings for the weekend though;)


Oh and I hope you all aren't getting sick of these photos with me walking my dog. It's the only day light I get, and Starla usually likes going for a walk as soon as I get home. I am hoping to start discovering more places to get my photos taken. But those need to wait for weekend pics.

Dress, Little Ocean Annie closet ($12) Striped Cardigan, Old Navy (gift) Yellow belt, Thrift ($7) Heels, Thrift ($4)


  1. love the combination of stripes and yellow belt. You have such cute outfits and dogs ;)

  2. My mom is the same way, as much as I try she still dresses like a mom. But she's one of my best friends so I just shake my head and go with it!

  3. Oh your dogs are so precious! I am in love with Pomeranians. And I love the sweater with the dress!

  4. I love your dress and cardigan - especially with the pops of yellow!

  5. Cute outfit: I like the cardigan - it looks great on the dress.