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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Steller Days and Swiss Dot Dresses


Once again, I am loving today! It's always nice to enjoy a slow day every now and then and just relax at my teller station reading a magazine article about Jessica Simpson. How stress free is that? And of course I was totally looking forward to my fun taco night. That white melty cheese is soooo..... good and I can't help but eat a whole cup to myself...and then lie to myself later when I write the info in my food journal. It's only once a week though;)



So here is the pretty swiss dot dress I picked up thrifting a few weeks ago. I am in love with it so much. I wore it last week but I ended up not getting pictures since by the time I got home it was dark and my makeup was looking a little less than fresh.



I decided to sport the yellow belt again just to add a little something to the look. It was rather boring without it. And then my spiky coral necklace was put on for that something extra. Note: I bought the necklace thinking it was wood since I'm not too keen on wearing dead animals, but I figured waste not want not and it was pretty pricey in my opinion.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great Tuesday and I wanted to say thanks to all that leave comments for me. They brighten my day and I hope my comments do the same for you all!

Dress, Thrifted ($7) Belt, Thrifted ($7) Cardigan, H&M ($5) Heels, Thrifted ($4) Earrings, thrifted ($2) Necklace, Consignment ($14)


  1. These pictures turned out great, I especially love the last one! And hey.. you can't beat an (almost) completely thrifted outfit, especially when you look so well put together!

  2. i love the colour of the dress, its perfect on you! and that pop of yellow really brings this outfit together :)

  3. What a pretty pretty dress! I really love that color of blue on you! :)

  4. wow, you look very classy =]