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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Going for a Change

Well I know I promised better locations for my pictures, and here I am again in my dining room, but the day light was killing my look. The shadows were crazy on me and it was really bumming me out. I guess I'll need to choose another time in the day to get my pics taken.



And a funny story about my outfit. I wore a totally different outfit to work in the morning, and the whole ensemble was annoying the hell out of me! The skirt was too wrinkled, the waist was too big, and overall just a blah boring outfit. So at lunch I went home and changed into something with a little more color, more accessories and felt so much better. At one time when I hated my outfit and was working really far from home, I would go to the nearest Ross or Marshalls and buy a totally different outfit. I was obsessed and I guess I was also vain. And this was all before I started taking pictures of my outfits!



So there you have it! I guess I could consider myself either a shopaholic or just plain crazy, but now that I've admitted it I have such a weight lifted off my shoulders! heheheh...I won't be that dramatic about it, but I know all of us have our own little quirks.

Skirt, Thrifted ($5) Black Tee, H&M ($7) Cardigan, NYandCo (gift) Belt, Thrifted ($3) Shoes, Dillards ($26)


  1. I think the pictures look pretty cool like there is an effect or something, I love what you are wearing super pretty skirt. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend:)

  2. This is exactly why I don't walk of the house unless I feel confident about my outfit. If I feel BLAH about what I'm wearing my entire attitude changes. And this is why I love fashion so much, it impacts everyone's lives in such a great capacity even though many people don't even realize it!

  3. I am the same way! Getting dressed is so important! I love this! The skirt is so pretty! I love the color!

  4. What a lovely skirt! And that belt is an amazing color. The two paired together is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette in terms of color palette, you know? Cute.

  5. I love this look! The skirt is so cute.
    I hear ya about the weird shadows. I have big eyes, and sometimes the shadows they cast on my face make me look like my husband beat me up! :)