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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Little Bit of Summer

Although the season of Spring has only been with us for less than a month, it's already feeling like summer. I am starting to get all antsy about Summer as if I will have a Summer vacation! I'm already envisioning ice cream cones from Doumars, warm days at the beach, visits to the zoo, and all the other fun things I used to do, when I was younger and didn't have a job. I really miss those days. Oh well, off to adulthood I go:)



And here I am in my cool breezy skirt again. I wore this last week, but I just had to wear it again. It started off with just the tan and the black, but felt it needed something else. The pop of bright blue really did it for me! It broke up the outfit a little, and made me feel a little more confident about my look. It's funny how one small change can really liven up your spirit. It's also funny that what we wear can do that for ourselves anyways!


What do you all do for yourselves to liven your spirit or just lift up your confidence?

Blouse, JCPenney ($10) Cardigan, H&M ($5) Skirt, Thrifted ($5) Heels, Thrifted ($4) Belt, Fred Flare (gift)

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  1. I would really love the steal your dog. And I love the bright blue with the neutral skirt and black top!