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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Out with the Old in with the New

So I pull out my spring clothes, put away the winter clothes, and what happens? A cold front!! I know I'm not the only one out there! It's like a curse or something. Or just Murphy's Law. I'll just have to learn to deal with it I guess. I'm just looking forward to a day that I am not stuck inside working, it's 90 degrees and clear outside. I have secret thoughts of calling in sick when the weather is absolutley perfect and then driving down to North Carolina's Outerbanks for fun in the sun. Although, I have such a huge guilty conscious that I could never do that.



Well, even though it was a tad chilly today, I still had to wear something, so I threw on one of my summer dresses and a nice warm acrylic sweater and my teal sandals which I love! But damn they hurt my feet by the end of the day!




Oh and my dress was one of those lucky finds at Urban Outfitters a year ago. I discovered it in a $10 rack and was so excited! It was my first plaid purchase and it really appealed to me. Usually when I find plaid it has crazy colors that just don't look good to me, but this had purple, blue and orange. I could totally blend this dress into my wardrobe, which I will continuing doing throughout the spring/summer months.

Dress, UO, ($20) Cardigan, Thrifted ($3) Teal Sandals, Payless ($10) Earrings, Vendor ($5)


  1. Very cute. I HATE it when the weather does that. Those shoes are awesome too. Sorry about the feet torture! Isn't it terrible when nice shoes are mean?


  2. ahhhh the things we do to look good. Luckily, my new shoe purchases have turned out to be ridiculously comfortable, a bit shocking considering they are both wedges over 5" high.. While the kitten heel vintage number I got from st Vinneys last week were literally designed by the devil.

    ps thanks for jinxing the warm weather.. :P

  3. what a cute little plaid dress!!

  4. Cute dress.. and only $10! Ah! I love finding deals at UO!

  5. That dress is a great purchase! There are so many possibilities!!! Love it with the blues.