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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Party in Your Jorts and Other Fun Weekend Adventures

It's been a fun weekend full of furniture shopping, antiquing and hanging out with friends. It's so important to thoroughly enjoy my weekend, since the work week can be so stressful. Friday night was a blast, as expected. We went to my birthdays birthday party at a mexican restaurant and then later that night we picked up two of our other friends for a Gin, Socks, and Never Nude party. The never nude part of the party was in reference to Arrested Development, so everyone had to come in Jorts of some fashion. It was hilarious! Guys were trying to outdo each other in how short they can go. Thankfully it wasn't too revealing (if you know what I mean).

jorts party

Then Saturday I woke up extra early (although we got in so late I would've preferred to be up later) did some errands and then my friend 'D' and I took to thrifting. On a lark, we walked into this decrepit antique store and browsed a little. They were having an auction and I found some amazing mid century bedroom furniture that was screaming my name. And I actually won them!! So for $50 I took home two perfect condition dressers!!! Thank god too, since our Ikea ones are falling apart right now.



And my new desk from Salvation Army!


And now that it is Sunday, Zach and I are just enjoying our time together and relaxing. My friend 'D' came by to drop off a nefty chair she thought he'd like (and he does!) and we also went to brunch. Our brunch was pretty spectacular and since we were going somewhere somewhat fancy I decided to dress up a little.




And here I am wearing more floral, but hey, it's spring! Plus it was one of the clean items in my closet. I get a little slack on the laundry sometimes, but thankfully I always keep a couple of cute items clean for days like today. I typically don't enjoy strutting around in sweats in public.

Dress, Thrifted ($2) Purple top, Thrifted ($1) Sweater, borrowed from sis (Free) Flat, Target ($5)


  1. Ooooo great furniture finds. :) Happy Sunday!

    xx Love & Aloha

    **Stop by to enter my ~Une Very Stylish Fille Giveaway~

  2. Your floral skirt is cuute.
    and beautiful sunshine and fresh green...awww

  3. I LOVE THE DESK! It's perfect for a quaint apartment
    the bronze detail on the legs just gives it that extra touch

    I adore your skirt as well, totally appropriate for spring. I really like the simple outfit you created over the busier print of the skirt

  4. Just found your blog and loving it. Is the sewing machine still in that desk? You could make yourself some really cute clothes with it!