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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Art of Rummage


Rummaging is probably one of my favorite hobbies (and Zach's least favorite hobby). I tend to find such neat things just waiting to be grabbed and saved from a distraught future of dusty antique stores and cluttered thriftstores or even dumpsters.


For example, this really cool looking Thomas O'Brien table was just sitting by our dumpster. I was on my way to grab it when Zach said, "What are you doing? We don't need that!" I tried to support my argument for needing a cohesive coffee table because we are currently using 2 Ikea side tables pushed together. He didn't buy it. So there it sat destined to be picked up by yesterday's garbage truck. Just as it was about to be whisked away, I claimed that little bastard as my own and took it up the fire escape. And now it sits in my dining room waiting for some TLC and a good wipe down. And there's the story of my new coffee table.

It's also the story for much of my life. I love to own second hand stuff (especially if it's free) and it just makes me feel more proactive about supporting Green Friendly environment.



And now on to my outfit. Much like most of my outfits, this is almost completely thrifted. All but the shoes at least. Something about used flip flops just doesn't appeal to me for some reason. I'm weird that way I guess:) Well, obviously this isn't an outfit I'd wear to work, but rather for a walk with the pup and husband. Oddly enough we ended up at a cute little Italian restaurant that allows dogs to sit on the patio, which was fun.



Blouse, Thrifted ($3) Skirt, Thrifted ($3) Necklace, Swap (free) Shoes, TJMaxx ($20) Belt, Thrifted ($7)


  1. Aw, you look adorable. I too love to collect things from the roadside. It is a somewhat dubious habit (my husband also doesn't like it) but I always find neat stuff!


  2. Oh my gosh, my husband had to have a serious talk with me about bringing furniture home from the side of the road! haha I can't help it! It'd rather rescue it than have it throw away, plus new furniture uses SO many resources to make, package, and ship! That table is rad, too!
    And a puppy friendly restaurant, how exciting! This outfit looks perfect for sitting on a patio!


  3. I love the bright pink of your top! I would rummage more often, but usually if you see a perfectly good something or other on the side of the road in nyc, it's usually because of bed bugs (ewwww) that infest not only beds, but wood grain furniture, etc. Plus, even if it wasn't a piece of furniture that could be ridden with bugs, it's difficult to wrangle it back to your apt without lots of assistance!