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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and Weekend Fun


I hope your Mother's Day went well and your Mothers felt appreciated and loved, just like any other day. And doesn't my mom look fantastic! She has a great fashion sense and I love her top! It's from Talbot's in case you're interested:)


So I may have gone a little overboard on the thrifting Saturday. I love a good deal and it was so hard to pass up on awesome finds. I found the most amazing dining room set that was danish modern and was big enough to help fill a void in our ginormous dining room, but it was a little out of our price range and I had no way to transport it:( C'est la vie!! But I did run away with a brand new pair of Paper Denim Cloth jeans, a yellow Jcrew dress, a NWT Target skirt from Goodwill for my Mom, a crocheted blanket, a ton of pretty fabric, 2 Pyrex mixing bowls, chambray skirt, and more crap. I didn't spend a lot of money, but damn!! Tons of stuff! Thrift stores are becoming my crack or something!!! I will stay away until my trip to Kansas. I heard the midwest thrift stores are amazing!!




My outfit today was for a low key Mother's Day and I just wanted to be comfortable for all the running around we'd be doing. I ended up meeting my parents at church and enjoyed a fun service which was lead by the church's youth group. Then it was time for brunch, so we decided on a yummy place call No Frill Grill and enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast, while discussing the Betty White SNL episode (mainly the muffin skit) and we all laughed our asses off. Later on, Zach and I took his mom to Chilies for lunch (her pick) and since I had brunch I wasn't too hungry for lunch so I decided on a yummy Electric blue cocktail that didn't have enough rum in it. I hate paying $6 for a drink and they splash it with liquor instead of the suggested amount. I guess they were saving all the liquor for the rest of night:( Oh well. And then on our way to the grocery store we took a detour to a duck pond for my outfit photos.


Top, H&M ($5) Jeans, Thrifted ($4) Wedges, Payless ($10) Scarf, Target ($4)


  1. Nice outfits for a wonderful Mother'Day..and the sun shines :) You and your Mom looks fantastic together...

  2. I LOVE this outfit. eclectic with the mixing of patterns, but classic as well. Mama's looking good in them jeans!! ;) Don't even get me started on thrifting.. I just put all my clothes away that had been sitting clean in laundry baskets in my apt with a sigh of relief, only to mosey over to my 'office' and realize I had another huge pile I plan on hemming.

  3. oh fun! I just bought that scarf at Target too! with that clearance price - how could you pass it up, right? the colors are just so pretty. I like how you combined the busy print with the stripes. good stuff!

  4. I love how you and your mom are so stylish in those black and white stripes!

  5. Ok, you just inspired me to pull out my white jeans again! I've always been afraid they'd look tacky but I absolutely love how you wore them here! And your mom is so cute.. can definitely see the resemblance!

  6. what a special photo of you and your mum, i loove the auburn hair :) and i loove your striped tee!!

  7. This is the PERFECT waterside outfit!