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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Feelin' the Heat


Since it is beautiful outside and there is an art festival going on, we decided to trek the mile up to the Stockley Gardens to see all that's for show. I needed to be dressed in a cool cotton dress for today's hot hot weather. The flowy aspect of this dress really lends itself to hot summer like days. We ended up stopping by a familiar booth that we always visit to buy some prints and then we wandered on some more. It always amazes me the kind of talent people have. There were glass artists, metal artists, painters, jewelry designers, ect....oh yeah and a Bath Fitter's booth. That was a little weird.



On our way out of the art show, we happened upon a fun little yard sale! A guy who is famous for having a fairly large Simpson's collection had these large Homer inflatables with a yard sale sign, so we just had to go!! Zach actually has a Homer tattooed on his arm so we figured the yard sale guy would get a kick out it. And he did!! He took us to his collection in his house so we could marvel at our the coolness that is Simpson memorabilia. It was pretty awesome, to say the least.

Now it is time to head to the art store for my own little creations, then a friend's place for beer and BBQ. Since I'm not too much into beer, I'll be picking up pomegranate and raspberry beer. So yummy and sweet:)

Dress, Thrifted ($4) Sandals, Ross ($12) Purse, Liz Claiborne outlet ($15) Sunnies, TJMaxx ($10)


  1. i am in love with your yellow bag emily! i've been wanting a mustard yellow bag for years now! i love yard sales and things like the farmer's market! it's such a great way to spend your saturday mornings! :)

  2. cute colours, i love the clash of yellow and purple!
    very bright and bold :)

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