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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh! My Feet!


The week has brought about a change in my activity level, when it comes to exercise. I started walking to and from work and now I am trying to experience a whole new lifestyle sans car, which is great since my car is out of gas and my inspection is expired. It also means having sore feet for a while. I walk about 2 miles a day now and I may have to invest in a good pair of walking shoes and not my cute wedges.



Anyways, my feet were killing me yesterday, but I still needed to take my outfit pics and walk Starla. It was so beautiful outside and I was so stoked to put on my springiest skirt, since it was finally warm outside to do so. Truth be told, I have had a hard time trying to piece this skirt with other things in my closet, so I kept it a little neutral with interest in the textures. I paired a laced shirt that mimics the floral pattern on the skirt, and then added my brown accessories and finally my favorite shrunken blazer.


Although, it was a lovely outfit to walk around in, I think next time I'll have to get some shoes that are function then fashion:( hehehe... And then tomorrow will be my day to get a pedicure, for sure! I deserve it, what with all this walking.

Blouse, Thrifted ($2) Skirt, Thrifted ($2) Ralph Lauren Belt, Thrifted ($4) Wedges, Thrifted ($6) Blazer, Thrifted ($2) Liz Clairborne Sunnies, TJMaxx ($10)

Holy Moly! This outfit was frickin' cheap! I mean inexpensive:)


  1. great outfit! love the navy and cream together, very classy

  2. i love love love your blazer! and honestly, i thought you were wearing a dress and not two separate pieces--that's how well and seamless you styled that skirt ;] and that's why i don't own any heels--i hate it when my feet hurt :(

  3. Wonderful Outfit! I love it! Soooooo awesome! :)
    Greetings Luci

  4. that blazer is so perfect! I love how you style it every time!