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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Midwest Fun


I've really enjoyed my stay in the Midwest so far. This is a first for me, with the exception of Chicago. I can't get over how genuine everyone is out here. Our friend said it best, as it's a little unsettling at times, since back home in Virginia everyone is cynical and not the most hospitable. Everyone was sweet, right down the the cashier at Urban Outfitters and everyone wants to know your story. It's really sweet. It almost makes me wish we lived in Lawrence.



And another thing I love about this place? The abundance of Bubble Tea. It's everywhere in the Midwest and I never even knew it existed before. I love it more than words can describe and somehow I will need to get another one before the day is over.




The days in Lawrence will be spent vintage/antique shopping (because that's what I do), visiting Eudora for the experience of seeing where the Get Up Kids produced their albums, going to parks, people watching, and just enjoying all that Kansas has to offer.

Strapless dress, Thrifted ($2) Sunnies, Forever21 ($2) Sandals, Ross ($13) Clutch, thrifted ($2)


  1. adorable dress! and i love your sunnies, its so retro!

  2. you're lookin' gorgeous dear! i LOVE bubble tea!!!!

  3. I love this dress, and you're skin is really nice :)

  4. That dress is a fantastic thrift find! Do you know that Katy from Kansas Couture lives in Lawrence?

  5. lovin' those shades! adorable dress!

  6. 1. I love that clutch. 2. I love bubble tea; they don't have it out here??? and 3. I miss the Midwest!

  7. I love Chicago and it was amazing how friendly people were in the city. Your clutch and dress are adorable and I love the shades