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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Long Long Drive


Yesterday was the first day of our 'little roadtrip' and I have to say, "What a drive!" It was a long 20 hour drive that had us going from Virginia through West Virginia, then Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and finally Kansas! When we finally got to Illinois we had to take a break, so we stopped at this quaint little rest area, that was bustling with travelers and doggies. It was the most clean place we were able to visit on our trip, so I was thankful for the much needed break in the shady grove of the rest stop. It was a magical experience, after driving for 15 hours.



And this look was basically for comfort only. This dress is light and airy, the hat was great for keeping my hair in check and the sandals were great for taking my shoes on and off easily for the car ride.


And look!!! Zach and I still love each other after being stuck in our car for hours on end. I don't think we've had this much togetherness time since our honeymoon.


Dress, H&M ($30) Sandals, Ross ($12) Hat, Target ($13) Sunnies, Forever21 ($2)


  1. aww you two are adorable! that's what i'd wear on a long road trip too :) i need to find myself a hat this summer! have a grand time in illinois dear!

  2. Cool glasses! This looks like so much fun.

  3. That hat is soo cute. That is a long trip but I love roadt is kinda of exciting to travel so far:)

  4. This is the perfect road trip outfit! Cute, casual, and comfy! Love the hat!

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  6. oh wow. my hubby and i just recently went on a road trip from california to alaska. you guys are adorable! yep, dressing for comfort was what i did too! have lotsa fun!

    btw, i'm a fan of your blog :)

  7. Awww, this is so cute! I love the last photo! I absolutely loveeeeed you both coming here! It was SO much fun!