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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beautiful Sceneries


What a lovely day it was at work!!! Well, I'm being totally sarcastic, but at least the evening was fun! Zach and I partook in a good time with our friends to Taco Tuesday, yet again, before we all leave for separate vacations. It's so nice to go to the same place once a week, where you meet the same friends, the same waiters, and just have a wonderful time all around. Margaritas were a plenty, and I'm still trying to recover....they like to make our drinks strong, since we're regulars...but anyways.



I really wanted to dress springy for the nice weather this morning. It looked like it was going to storm like crazy, but it ended up just being breezy and cloudy so I went ahead and chanced it and walked to work. It was perfect weather and then I grabbed my yummy coffee, muffin and walked and sipped all the way to work. I wish you all could experience I what I experience each morning! Everyone knows everyone in this little community so you always run into locals and catch up a little.


So then I made my way through the neighborhood to go to work and admired all the pretty historic mansions. Seriously, it's the prettiest site when all the gardens are blooming in front of the homes. I think tomorrow I'll post lots of pics so you all can see what I see.

Delias Dress, Thrifted ($7) Top, H&M ($5) Cardigan, Thrifted ($3) Belt, Vintage ($7) Shoes, Thrifted ($4)


  1. i love the combination of stripes and yellow! very cute!

  2. i love your belt paired with the shoes. so adorable!

  3. ahh more mustard yellow?! love it! great springy outfit!

  4. Ahhhh what fabulous shoes!! I love how you tied them in with the belt.

  5. I love this outfit! The yellow is perfect. Mmmm, tacos are the best aren't they?

    Oh, and I love your blog! Definitely going to follow. :]

  6. You have a great knack for combining vintage and new ... very chic! Hope you enjoyed your coffee-walk :)

  7. love the matching yellow belt and shoes! and you can never go wrong with stripes! xxx