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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chipper as a Song Bird


Happy Sunday Lovely People!!!  I am in such a chipper mood today.  I think it's because I did a lot of shopping yesterday for fun with Zach and I haven't done that in months.  At the beginning of the year I took a Second Hand Challenge and let me tell you it's been a little...well...challenging.  So to make a long story short I received some TJ Maxx gift cards and decided to treat myself to some things that I've wanted but haven't found while thrifting.



It was an interesting realization.  I didn't want to buy just crap for the sake of buying crap.  I looked for some really nice quality things that I knew would be timeless and not throw-away fashion.  This new perspective on being more eco-logical with my shopping habits has totally changed my ways.



Oh and my dress is something I've been saving for the perfect weather!  My mom got it for me from Urban Outfitters for my birthday back in January.  Do you know how hard it is to keep a dress like this and not wear it for 5 months!! Ugh, it was torture!!  So I wore it to TJ Maxx, Target, the Lafayette Dog Park, and then this fancy schmancy restaurant called Pasha.  So it's a very versatile piece:)


Dress, UO
Dolce Vita Flats, Target
Sunnies, Forever21

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