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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage


So in honour of our wedded bliss for four long years I decided to dedicate one post a week to Zach and I in order to celebrate our anniversary month.  I figured I'd give you guys a glimpse into my day to day life with the dude and give you some insight into our married life.  I usually get photos of our little date nights, but mixing them with outfit posts seems weird so I decided to give these photos a place of their own.  I hope you all don't mind:)



Usually on Sunday mornings Zach and I will walk to our fave little coffee shop, FairGrounds for some much needed caffeine and pastry.  I usually will get some sort of sugary concoction while Zach goes for a much less flavorful unsweetened black iced tea.  We complete each other like that;)



PS  I promise this won't be like fairy tale lovey dovey crap.  We've been together for about 8 years and we definitley have had our fisticuffs...oh well not really, but you know what I mean?  We get on each other's nerves!!  Haha!!  Like right now he's going on and on about cleaning up my messes, while I'm typing away....yeah we get on each other's nerves. 


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