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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Smiling Thrift Gods

 straw hat

Can you tell I was going for a seventies vibe here?  I totally was!!  And ironically enough there wasn't but an ounce of vintage in my outfit!!  I was super excited when I unearthed my white paper denim cloth jeans from my spring/summer wardrobe!  I found these babies new with tags at a thrift store last year!!  I think the thrift gods were smiling at me that day.  If there is one thing I love, it's good quality denim.

white jeans

70s inspired

chambray blouse

And now for what I did in this outfit!! Basically my day was spent doing piles of laundry while watching episodes of The Dick Van Dyke show between loads.  It was a pretty quiet day, but I now have a favorite tv show to become obsessed with.  The comedy is golden I tell you!!  I love Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore.

whistle necklace

Oh and I'm trying something new for my blog!!  As you can see I've amped up the size of the pictures!!  I feel like it gives the blog more cohesiveness with the layout.  It's a small detail but I think it makes a difference.  And I am going to periodically start including some of my more goofier photos.  Like the ones where I think I'm looking ultra cute but they end up looking like Emily the Weirdo! haha!! 

madewell necklace

Top, at one point a dress, Ross
Jeans, Thrifted
Teal Wedges, Payless
Hat, Forever21
Whistle Necklace, Madewell
Bird Necklace, Fred Flare
Vintage Belt, Thrifted

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