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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks A Million


Thank you so much for all your kind words of encouragement and good luck!!  It really made me feel loved:)  That's why I love you guys so much!  Really, you guys are the best readers and I'm lucky to be part of such a great community of bloggers:)  I find out about the job on Friday and I'm still crossing my fingers.



As for my outfit, I was feeling a little down and out yesterday for no apparent reason.  Maybe it's because of the cloudy dreary weather we've had for 4 days straight now and the stress of not knowing whats to come in the next few days.  Anywho, I was rifiling my closet and discovered my little gem of a blouse that I had forgotten all about!!  Its a vintage bow blouse from the 1970s and it is probably the cutest thing ever!! Polka dots, bows, and the vintage silouhette made me feel much better.  Especially when the whole outfit came together in a matter of 2 minutes!  



Starla is just loving the limelight these days!!  She heard all your sweet comments about her and I think she wants to be in every blog post now!! Hehehe


Have a fantastic day everyone!!  I'm starting my day off right with an iced coffee and danish.  MMM...MMM...

Vintage Blouse, Thrifted
AE Skirt, Thrifted
Vintage Belt, Thrifted
Wedges, Modcloth
Vintage Liz Claiborne Hat, Thrifted
Purse, Deux Lux from UO

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