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Monday, May 23, 2011

Not Going Your Way


So that job interview I had went well, as far as interviews go, but I didn't get the job.  The realization of this is starting to sink in a little bit every hour but during the morning after I was told the news I found myself tearing up (read flat out crying in the bathroom).  This was something I was really looking forward to, which is why I took it so hard.  So now I need to just suck it up and get on with it.  But tonight I'm just wallowing and commiserating myself with my own pizza and some indulgent fantasy shopping (since I really have no money). 



Aside from all the saddness I've been feeling today I decided to rekindle some of my highlights from Sunday and posts pics from a walk Zach and I took during the morning.  It's nice just walking hand in hand and enjoying the scents of springs all the while sipping on organic iced coffee.  It's soothing and pleasant. 



And I've been meaning to wear this dress for a while now!  I bought it at a thrift store way back in August for an beautiful couple's wedding back last September.  I was so busy that day that I never remembered to take photos of it!  I spent a complete afternoon altering this dress since it was the most 80-tastic dress I'd ever seen.  I think I modernized it a bit, but made sure to allow some 80s elements to show through.

Vintage Floral Dress, Thrifted
Vintage Wedges, Friendly Fox Vintage
Funky Hat, Thrifted
Whistle Necklace, Madewell

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