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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Thrifter


Today was a rainy gross day, so I thought I'd take a trip to do a little thrifting to show you my process on a thrifting adventure.  It may seem a bit odd, but I always do things in a particular order.  It's very systematic and it helps me keep on track.


First things first.  I always keep in mind my inspiration board.  You don't have to have an inspiration board, but it helps me from purchasing impulse buys and weird shit I don't necessarily need.  Even though thrifting is a cheaper alternative to buying clothes from mall stores you can still rack up a huge bill if you go overboard.  It also doesn't help that thrift stores have become more and more expensive, so keeping a budget and an idea of what you want is pretty important.


Second.  Keep your wits about you.  I can't tell you how many rude people I run into (literally) at the thrift store.  These rude people are as hardcore as you are and will do about anything to beat you out of some awesome find.  I've been shoved, stared at, squeeze out of, you name it.  Just remember, it's only clothes.  Just move on to somewhere else for a while.  Sometimes you forget what you were looking at initially, so it won't be so bad.  And if someone is particularly rude and just steals something out of your hand, you have my permission to kick them in the knees;)


Third.  Go in with an action plan.  Know where you want to head first.  I always make a beeline for the shoes.  I've found some great shoes at the thriftstore and usually they get picked over quite fast.  Next I head to the dresses/skirts.  I wear skirts and dresses more often than anything else so I want to spend as much time looking at those items.  If you wear jeans or pants go to those first.  You want to have as much energy left in you to look through hundreds of the same type of clothing.  With any left over energy I have left, I head to the blouses and then the purses.  I can usually work this rotation for about 45 minutes, which is the length of a typical thrifting excursion.

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