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Monday, February 21, 2011



While rummaging through an old wardrobe in my parent's spare bedroom I found a very old jacket with a great history.  The first time I discovered this leather jacket I was about 11 years old and really into this grungy I don't give a damn stage in my life.  This was about the time I started to swear and I just wanted to do my own thing.  School was a place where I constantly got scrutinized for my outfits and whatnot.  I loved black baggy things and this jacket was one of those pieces.  It was my mom's from the late 70s and it was huge on me and it felt protective.  Like a hard shell to make me feel strong against people who didn't understand me and just made fun of the things I did. 




The amazing thing about this jacket was the romantic story behind it.  My mom was dating Fred and this guy had a particular best friend named Harry.  Harry was visiting from a deployment in Korea and he was wearing this jacket and my mom loved it.  Harry went back to Korea and found the same leather jacket and gave it to my mom for a Christmas gift.  My mom ended her relationship with Fred and then struck up a courtship with Harry though written letters.  On their first real date they got engaged.  Harry is my dad and they've been happily married now for nearly 30 years!  Wearing this jacket just makes me happy!  Maybe if it never existed, I'd never be here!!


Sequined Top, Thrifted
Shorts, Target
Dolce Vita for Target Boots, Gift
Tights, Target
Kangaroo Leather Jacket, Vintage
Jewelry, Second hand and Lia Sophia

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