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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Jewelry Conundrum


It's funny that sometimes I tend to view my accessories as an after thought, or I don't even think of them at all. I love jewelry! I have so much of it, and I never quite remember to put any of it on. I actually had to be reminded of the beauty that accessories can play into an outfit when I started watching the various short videos from Style Like U. My favorite person had to be Lauren Ezersky and her completely amazing jewelry collection.  I find myself wanting more unique pieces like the ones she owns, but let's face it.  I'm not in a point in my life where I can start obsessively collecting jewelry pieces that start at $1000.  My own weddings rings didn't even cost $200...which is the way I like it.



So I felt my outfit today needed to have a more specific vibe to it.  I already knew what I was wearing, but I wasn't sure what kind of accessories I'd put with it.  My husband begged me to put on my glasses for today, so that was one accessory, but the jewelry part was a little more methodical.  I remembered I had gone to an antique store and bought about 12 rings from a bag of junk and had promptly forgot about them.  I riffled through my purse and found two that I thought went well with my outfit.  Then the Poloride necklace Zach gave me completed my accessorizing for the day.  I am taking baby steps right now until I find my stride in jewelry again.



As for the location of my photos, I wanted to check out a park that is in my neighborhood that I haven't visited.  True story.  This is actually a mass graveyard.  The people buried in this park died from Yellow Fever in 1855. It's amazing the kind of history that is right in our back yard.


Olive Button Down, Thrifted
Cashmere Cardigan, Old Navy (years ago)
Skirt, Dillards
Dolce Vita Boots, Gift
Necklace, Gift
Rings, Barret Street Antiques
Bracelet, Gift 
Beret, Forever21
Glasses, Miu Miu

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