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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vintage and Plaid


Well Happy Hump Day!!!  I can not believe it's already Wednesday!  This week is flying by.  I'm a little sad though.  The faster the week flies by, the faster my neighbors move to Ecuador.  Anyways, I am still gearing myself up to the weekend.  I have tons planned for myself, so I can hardly wait.  



So I guess I should talk about my new vintage dress right?  I absolutely love it!!!  It's from the 80s but it was designed after a 50s style wiggle dress.  I believe I was thrifting with Brittany when she discovered it and thought it would work for me.  And it did!  I did a few alterations because it was 80'sed up with gold buttons and big ass shoulder pads.  I ripped those off and voila!  A cute simple wiggle dress that only set me back a few bucks!


Any of my blog readers who are experiencing this crazy snow storm I'm keeping you in my thoughts.  Stay warm and safe!!   

Plaid Dress, Vintage & Thrifted
Belt, Vintage & Thrifted
Shoes, Dillards
Tights, Target

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