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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Practical Outfit


Zach and I were helping a friend move some furniture and this was the outfit I chose to wear for the day.  Real practical, right?  haha!!  I'm always the person to chose the most unreasonable outfit for any occasion.  For example, last year when I treked up to NYC for fashion week I only brought heels to walk around in.  In my mind I figured if Stacy London could do it, so could I.  Well I was wrong and broke a heel on my favorite ankle boots.  But luckily for me I didn't rip or break anything in this outfit while moving the furniture.  Plus I did it with style! hehehe..  I'm so full of myself.



Anyways, I had the idea of this outfit in my head for a few days but figured Sunday was the best day to wear it since I can't really get away with this kind of outfit at work.  Although I had to wait a few days to put on this outfit, I do love when I come up with something complete different than my normal dressing routine.  Sometimes outfits come to me in a prophetic dream, other times I use inspiration from magazines and catalogs, or sometimes an outfit will strike me when I least expect it.  This outfit came to me when I was folding clothes (imagine that!!)


BB Dakota blouse, 2nd hand from friend
Shorts, Dillards
Tights, Target
Dolce Vita Boots via Target, Gift
Necklace, Etsy
Bracelet, 2nd hand from friend

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