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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inspirational Days


It's been quite a day full of inspiration.  First off my parents just celebrated their 29th anniversary together and witnessing how in love they are is just the kind of inspiration more young married couples need in their life.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on my blog, but my parents were actually engaged on their first real date on Valentine's Day in 1981.  They had been friends for a couple of years and my brazen Dad decided he'd use their first date as an opportunity to ask my Mom to marry her.  Now 29 years later they're just as sickly sweet as can be!! 



A second dose of inspiration is actually a little more shallow;)  I've finally been able to cut out some time to read my latest magazines and I've been ripping and tearing pictures of ideas right and left.  I used a lot of those pictures to help me find some sweet new items while thrifting today and I did good!!  I got the most beautiful vintage dress made of sheer polyester that was hand tailored in my hometown Norfolk, a midi length vintage denim skirt, and a cute embroidered belt.  I've been focusing on trying new things for spring time and seeing how Zach and I are taking a trip to visit family in Ohio soon, I decided to get some cute "new to me" clothes. 




And my latest outfit isn't really inspired by much.  I just wanted to wear some thing casual and cute for my laundry day.  The blouse I'm wearing under my vintage yellow sweater is actually a Diane Von Furstenberg!!  I caught a quick glimpse of it while thrifting on Sunday and fell in love with the pretty light blue pin stripes and then I noticed the tag.  Now just imagine my evil side to side eyes making sure nobody saw what I just saw and then I ripped it off the rack and put in my cart.  This is the first designer item I've ever come across while thrifting so I was crazy excited! 


Vintage Yellow Sweater, Thrifted
Vintage DVF Blouse, Thrifted---for a $1.50!
Skinny Jeans, Platos Closet
Wedges, Modcloth
Ring, The Original Tree
Liz Claiborne Sunglasses, TJMaxx--2 years ago

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