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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mother Nature Is So Annoying


You know, you finally start getting used to to spring weather and then mother nature decides to do a turn around and get colder than a witch's tit.  Granted 35 degrees isn't that cold compared to other places, but for me it's cold enough.  I had to wear my cashmere hoodie for some of my pics since it was super chilly in the shade, but mid way through I took a heaping gulp of hot coffee and threw caution to the wind and went sans hoodie for a little while.  It's funny how spring-like everything looks with a gorgeous tree blooming bright pink flowers right behind me.




Oh and now that there are finally trees growing leaves, that means it will be crepe myrtle season soon.  And that means disater!  I know they're pretty to look at and all, but there are so many on the side streets in my neighborhood that when the pretty tiny pink flowers fall off and land on the sidewalks, it makes a simple jaunt a  super slippery jaunt.



Ok, so is this a gardening blog or a style blog?  hehee..  Since I took the day off on Friday to run around Richmond with Zach I figured I'd sport a mini skirt.  I actually wore a version of this outfit on Saturday but never got good pics of it.  I changed it up because of the cooler weather by pairing the skirt with tights, the hoodie and the Dolce Vita Boots.

Cashmere Hoodie, Old Navy (3 yrs ago)
T-shirt, Charlotte Russe
Skirt, Thrifted
Dolca Vita for Target Boots, Gift
Sunglasses, Forever21
Studded Belt, Thrifted

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