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Monday, March 21, 2011

To Do Good for Our Earth


Shopping for the good of the earth is pretty much the motto I live by and I try to convince others around me to do the same.  I always try to make sure what I'm doing has little or no impact on the earth.  This also includes making responsible purchases for everything from fair trade organic coffee to t-shirts:)  Minespire recently contacted me to review their t-shirts and I was happy to do so.  They are a net profit sharing company that specializes in creating tees that help benefit the environment.   




I was pretty stoked to see how pretty their packaging was and then I got more excited to see the awesome t-shirt up close.  The image printed on the organic cotton t-shirt is supposed to represent the fragility of our ecosystem.  When you purchase one of their shirts you are also helping to repair some of the damage we as humans have created. This is achieved through their profit sharing program where they donate 50% of their net profits to Friends of the Earth and Farm Sanctuary.  If you're into creating a better planet and making responsible purchases then I highly suggest looking into companies who reflect that.


Oh and a quick tip for you guys:)  The shirts run small since they are vintage sizing, so I went up a size to a Large.  They are stretchy, but not too stretchy but in order to maintain it's shape I've chosen to handwash and air dry it. 


Graphic Tee, c/o Minespire
Vintage Cardigan, Thrifted
Shorts, Target-2 years ago
Vintage Loafers, Thrifted
Bracelet, 2nd hand from Co-worker

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