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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Take A Gander!!!

vintage jewelry

After thrifting and shopping for vintage and random shiz, I got bitten by the organziation bug.  Every now and then I go a little manic and start obsessing over cleanliness.  Normally I am not like this!  I am such a procrastinator and I hate cleaning almost as much as I hate spinach (the stuff makes me puke) so when I get a wild hair I just go with it.  I figured after all my hard work I'd show you some of my progress.  A lot of the stuff I thrifted was vintage jewelry so I started organizing my jewelry collection.

pretty sunglasses

ring collection

My jewelry box was exploding full of junk so I sifted through it, tossed out earrings that were missing their partner, broken jewelry and other junk.  Next I just started reorganizing with a pretty aesthetic in mind.  It was interesting to find just how much stuff I own!  And I found some jewelry I thought I had lost!  So yup!  It was a very productive day.

pretty nailpolish

I didn't want my clothes and shoes to feel left out so I organized those too.  I never color coordinate my closet but I do put shirts with shirts and dresses with dresses.  I just don't have time to worry about color coordination.  Plus when I put things away half-hazardously then I can create new color combos that I may not have thought of before.


shoe collection

**Note**  These photos were inspired by all the pretty things that are photographed by

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