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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ladylike Ensemble


To celebrate the fact that I found my lost Seychelles in the truck of my car yesterday, I decided to build my whole outfit around them.  I love the little details of the bow and the pretty pattern stamped into the suede.  The feminine styling just lent itself to a more ladylike aesthetic and what's more lady like than a lace blouse and a pretty handbag?  The handbag was another find from my trunk and it was just sitting in there for months!  It's pretty bad when you can find a whole new closet just in the back of your car.  Is that a sign of having too much stuff?  I think so.  Tomorrow, I'll be doing a little purging of my closet and donating some stuff to our Hope House. 

american eagle skirt

liz claiborne bag

Oh and I had a bit of a bonus to my day today!  When I got out of work (at 5:40) I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun still shining and it was almost warm out.  At least warm enough for me not to shiver my ass off.  So off I went to the nearest empty parking lot and had a quick photo session before Zach and I went out to dinner.  I'm so glad I'm getting used to taking photos in public spaces.  The only person that I caught staring at me was a Pepsi truck driver in the next parking lot.  And I wasn't even bothered by it!!  


Lace Blouse, Dillards
Cardigan, Thrifted
Navy Skirt, Thrifted
Seychelles, Thrifted
Liz Claiborne Bag, TJMaxx (2 years ago)

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